Edificio sede del departamento en el Campus Río Ebro
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Sede Campus río Ebro
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. dFMC .
Facultad de Ciencias
Sede Facultad de Ciencias

Research groups in the Department

Processing and Characterization of Structural and Functional Ceramics (PROCACEF). Manager: Víctor Orera.

Molecular chips (MOLCHIP). Manager: Fernando Luis Vitalla.

Nanophotonics and quantum circuits. Manager: Luis Martín Moreno.

Macroscopic and nanostructured magnets (IMANA). Manager: Juan Bartolomé Sanjoaquín.

Magnetism of Solids and Local Probe Microscopies. Manager: José Ignacio Arnaudas.

Magnetism of nanostructures and applications (MAGNA). Manager: Ricardo Ibarra.

Multifunctional Molecular Magnetic Materials. Manager: Javier Campo.

Thermal properties of materials. Manager: Ramón Burriel.

Materials Characterization by Synchrotron Radiation (CAMRADS). Manager: Joaquín García Ruiz.

Applied Superconductivity. Manager: Rafael Navarro Linares.

Liquid Crystals and Polymers. Manager: José Luis Serrano Ostáriz.

Nonlinear and Statistical Physics (GEFENOL). Manager: Mario Floría.

NEw TOols for addressing the Size-scale cHange In MAgnetic materials (NETOSHIMA). Manager: Jesús Chaboy Nalda.