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Introduction to scientific research in Physics

There are different chances for students interested in starting scientific research in our department. They can seek advice through Antonio Badía, Juan José Mazo or other members of the department.


Degree Final Projects (TFG) or Master Final projects (TFM)

Every year, the department publishes their proposals (see TFG and TFM).

Once the aim of the project is achieved, the student must write a report of the results obtained and defend them orally facing an examining board.


Specialization Diploma in Scientific Research

Diploma issued by the University of Zaragoza. Further information about this Diploma in the Faculty of Sciences site.

Departments and research groups publish their proposals, and it would be advisable to communicate with them before the enrolment.


Collaboration grants of the Ministry of Education

Only for one year, not renewable. 2700 € approximately. 

Further information in UZ.


Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas: CSIC grants for introduction to scientific research (JAE-Intro)

For third or fourth year students. Full working day is required: in July and September for third year students, and in September, October, November and December for last year students. Most researchers of the Department are eligible as CSIC grant tutors.

A written report of the obtained results must be submitted to the CSIC at the end of this period.

Further information in CSIC.